How Many Of Us Are Searching For Financial Freedom?,Like others growing up, I was instilled with the philosophy (through my parents), that in order to make a lot of money I had to get a good education, a high paying job and then save my way to the millionaire rich list. I didn’t believe there were any other possibilities, so I just followed on through life, with this self belief- searching for my high paying job, whilst my finances were suffering.,I had been working in the customer service sector for almost all my working life, and I came to the point where I needed a change in my working environment. I wasn’t enjoying my role at work nor was I earning an substantial amount to even contemplate a future holiday.,It was at this point and on, I immediately started searching for others methods to earn a higher income. During this period I was fortunate enough to meet an incredible individual who led me to the path of Jamie McIntyre. He was successful enough to retire at the age of 29, all due to Jamie McIntyre’s wealth creation strategies. He had the millionaire mindset, and was taking massive action in becoming financially independent.,When I heard his story I was definitely excited at the thought that I could finally secure my financial future, and never have to worry about money again! I was eager to learn more and follow in my successors footsteps; however I was also a little skeptical.,I began my quest, to track down any information leading me to Jamie McIntyre- after all, I had never heard of him! The 21st Century Academy Homestudy Program (where Jamie teaches you his investment strategies on how to replace your income with share trading and property investments), lead me to read more and more amazing accounts of how his successful graduates had changed their lives around by achieving their financial goals.,It was quite clear to me then, the unless potential that his information could give me and that Jamie McIntyre, the successful, Aussie millionaire was certainly no scam! The free E-book, ‘What I Didn’t Learn at School But Wish I Had’ then started me off in the right direction to give me my basic education about wealth creation.,Who would have thought a female, aged 29 could learn to trade in the stock market? I had no prior knowledge of what a share was let alone earn an income from it!,With a lot of perseverance and determination, (even though sometimes I wanted to give up, and I was a bit of a slow learner!) I am now share trading, and it has become my primary source of income. I am no longer employed in an unfulfilled job and I have the spare time to do the things I love to do. I have now set outcomes and purposes, and I picture myself in the future achieving the things that I only dreamt of.,Even though I am at very early stages of becoming financially free, it’s motivating me to see the results I have created. I have realised that nothing in life is easy, but all it takes is one simple decision to make a change and follow it through by your actions. Pushing ahead and completing The 21st Century Homestudy Program was one of the best decisions I have ever made.,If I can do it, then you can too. All you need is the willingness to learn something new and start now.,I hope all your visions become reality.,Best wishes!

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