What happens if you or your love one loses your job are you prepared to do what it takes to make thing better?,Suppose you end up divorce do you have a plan of how to make it? Sometimes life does not always go as you planned it.,Have a plan,Facing the things that are difficult to face such as losing your job, medical bills, and divorce is to become prepared so you can have a plan to take care of the things that is possible before it happens and help your family.,This is why there are seat belts in the car, not for you to have an accident but in case you do you are protected.,How much can you save,You can start with things that you like but not need, things that you can live without in other words.,Going to the grocery and buying an item does not seem much yet buying many items you see that it adds up at the cashier.,So to it is with cutting back, it may not show with one item yet add all the different items together and you see how much you can save for that important thing you need to buy or pay off.,Your pay check,You can make an arrangement with the bank when you get your pay check to take out 10- 20% so that you do not see it and this goes for your saving plan.,Essentials,Looking at the things that you have to pay such as you rent or mortgage lights, food, and car for work these are essential for you to make a living.,Going out to the movies or having a cell phone is not an essential and these are some of the things that you may need to cut back first if you are laid off your job and you need to start trimming your expensed so that you can get back on track.,Could you cut back on your essentials if you had too, such as selling your car and taking the bus, or selling or renting another place that is lower that what you pay that will give you a sense of control of your life?,In the driver seat,You want to be in the driver seat when comes to your finance and having a plan and not wait too long to take actions when you need to cut back.,If you want to take control of your life and become proactive start taking the right action that will be helpful to you and your family to sleep well at night.,Money in balance,Getting your money in balance may not be a way that you are accustoming to and may take time to create a new way of behaving.,Have a plan written out gives you more control of your financial life that affects you and your family to sleep easily at night.,It is difficult only when you do not know what to do so planning puts you feeling that you are in power of your life and know you are doing the best for you and your family.,Conclusion: Making the effort to cut back is not only a numbers game it is about your feeling of lost, fear of not having enough and a building for your future.

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