How To Earn Income,I think back at my younger years going through middle and high school and I can’t ever recall having a class or even a conversation regarding how we as adults will earn income. It wasn’t till the year 2000, when I heard something called the Cash Flow Quadrant, by Robert T. Kiyosaki. These principles I learned through the Cash Flow Quadrant changed my life! No longer was I bound to the same mindset message of “go to school; get a good education so you can get a good job”. A Job, most people think is the way to earn a living. Now for some, it is a way of life, but for others a job or J.O.B stands for Just Over Broke. Let me share with you the principles of the Cash Flow Quadrant and ask yourself when finishing this page, how do I want to make income.,The Cash flow Quadrant is broken down into four areas:,Left Side Right Side,E – employee B – business owner,S – self employed I – investor,Let’s break these quadrants down to the simplest form.,E – Employee: In this quadrant a working person is paid based on the job description/commissions. In order to make more money one needs to depend on working extra hours, overtime, extra sales, or shoot for a promotion. Remember in this area you are paid by position not who you are as a person or the skills that you have acquired. Do you do more than what your job title specifies?,S – Self employed: In this quadrant a person has more independence. They are somewhat free to set their hours and work with some type of specialty skill. Income potential can be generally higher, based on how much energy and time is put in. You will often find that you are tied to your business and instead of you owning the business the business can own you. The downfall is since you are self employed, if you do not show up to work, no money is made. How long of a vacation can you take before clients or customers will go elsewhere?,B – Business owner: In this quadrant a person now owns a system. They no longer need to invest their own time physically “working”. They have a system that runs on its own. Remember in this case that business owner can take a 3 month vacation, and have the system still generate income during that time. What can you do on a 3 month vacation?,I – Investor: This is the quadrant where wealth is created. At some point if one truly wants to generate massive income they will eventually end up in this quadrant. This is the area where you have your money start working hard for you, instead of you working hard for your money. Investors can invest in different ventures like businesses, stock, mutual funds, and real estate. Remember in this area one does not need to work. They simply watch over their investments and let the money make more money.,Now I hope you see what I saw. I wanted to create massive income potential. I wanted to STOP working hard for money, and START having money work hard for me. If you’re ready to start the transition to the I-investor quadrant, then to you I say congratulations! You just made the first step to an incredible journey. Let us at provide you the information to take the next step.,See you at the Top!,-Ramon Cibrian,Investor

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