There are a few reasons your home may not have sold within this hot market, below are the top 5.,1: Your price is above market value,2: Your listing photos aren’t professional,3: Your curb appeal and staging are lacking,4: You’re getting bad advice,5: The pre-approval is not properly vetted,1: Your price is above market value,Seek guidance from a local real estate agent that knows your market. A good agent should be able to tell you if your asking price is too ambitious. At the end of the day, your property is worth what it appraises for.,2: Your listing photos aren’t professional,Hire a professional to take your listing photos because saving a nickel or dime on unprofessional work will cost you much more in the long run.,3: Your curb appeal and staging are lacking,You get the opportunity to make one first impression. Upgrading your landscaping can make a huge difference. Make your grass a beautiful green, plant a few flowers. Paint, fix and clean up anything that’s broken in your yard.,4: You’re getting bad advice,Make sure you are working with an agent who is a local expert in your area & familiar with the type of home you are attempting to sell. This expert will not just be a “yes person” but actually be helpful.,5: The pre-approval is not properly vetted,All loan officers are not created equal! Make sure your real estate agent calls to verify the pre-approval and furthermore makes sure that the loan officer is competent.,In conclusion your home is a valued investment & if it hasn’t sold yet the above tips will help you meet your goal.

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