I’m listening to a series of CD’s titled “Passion, Profit & Power” by Marshall Sylver and the first of the CD’s I’m listening to are the ones on Profit. In this workshop, he basically talks about the wealth habits of people who have money. What I want to discuss is some of those wealth habits and how they can transform you.,One of the wealth habits is that wealthy people make money first in their minds. He talks about how people should envision making money and then carry it out. For me it’s clear to create that picture so I’ll have a visual to strive for. He also talks about those who think govern those who labor. I don’t care what your line of work is, the people at the top, the decision makers, are the ones who are telling the laborers what to do. They don’t put in the physical effort like the people at the bottom do. They tell them what to do.,Another wealth habit of rich people is that they create relationships. They understand that they don’t have everything and that they must align themselves up with other people to get what they want. Wealthy people are excited about what they do and when people see that excitement, they want to be a part of it. Everyone wants to be a part of something that is fun and so you need to sell them on your excitement and fun with all your heart.,Wealthy people have a habit of making quick decisions. They move fast and do things faster. They make decisions quickly as opposed to waiting until things are “perfect” and still not work out. They figure it’s better to make a quick decision and make changes in the beginning as opposed to waiting and waiting and waiting and THEN execute only to make changes later. Ineffective people take so long to make decisions because they are afraid to make the wrong decision. Since ineffective people look for wrongness of their decisions, they usually find it. Wealthy people fail forward fast.,Wealthy people know the value of their time. They give time and power to people and circumstances that will allow them to get more and more money. A wealthy person will not give too much time to any activity that is not worth their time or will not make them a lot of money. Time is money!,So now you know what it takes to be wealthy, what are you going to do?,To YOUR Success,,Rodney

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